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Address. ASDIG,

Goma, Avenue Mutombo, Number 158, Route Sake, Karisimbi Commune, Quartier Mabanga South,

Province of North Kivu

Democratic Republic of Congo


The Executive




Desire and Claudeline are passionate about helping others. They founded the Action Salutaire pour le Development Integral De Goma charity (abbreviated to ASDIG), which is a french name meaning Salutary action for holistic development in Goma. ASDIG is a christian charity and a non-profit organisation. The charity started in 2007, since then they have helped many hundreds of people each year.


The headquarters is located in Avenue Mutombo of Goma, within the Province of North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Word of mouth means that more people within the country, who are in need have heard about the charity and travel a long way to seek their help. Desire travels when possible to promote the charity and seek international assistance with funding, prayer and awareness. They also have a small dressmaking business which they use to help fund their charitable work.


Their main objectives are to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the people, particularly the vulnerable such as women and children who are in need.


The charity is nationally recognised by the Government in DRC under the registration number - ARRETE NO 718/CAB/MIN/J&DH/2012 under the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and recognised by the Ministry of Social Affairs as one of the humanitarian organisations of the country.

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Main Areas of Work

The charity provides shelter, care, food and education for orphans and children born of rape situations.


They also train women in trades which they can use to earn money for their families such as textiles, and bag making.


They help victims of rape with HIV rehabilitation, counselling and seeking medical treatment.